Challenges to Democracy Research Focus

  • Image of torn EU Flag,

    Overcoming polarization

    Intense polarization, where political opponents regard each other as existential enemies, is a key driver of democratic decay.

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    Immigration and the Challenge of Sustaining Multiethnic Democracies

    Sustaining multiethnicity is one of the most significant challenges facing democracies today.

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    Globalization, Economic Inequality, and Democratic Discontent

    Unequal economic resources diminish the quality of democracy, through voting, institutional design, campaign spending, & media.

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    The causes of populism and its consequences for democracy

    Many populist outsiders come to power speaking on behalf of “the people” but in ways that can challenge basic democratic norms.

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    Debates over institutional solutions

    Existing historical democratic institutions—constitutions, electoral systems, etc—may be ill-suited for contemporary challenges.